Explore best workspaces in South of Korea

When I was exploring facebook, I saw some posting about workspace around the world. I was inspired by it, as soon as I write this posting.

So, I’d likt to recommend a coworking space and coffee shop as a digitalnomad(technomad) living in korea.

#Reference: 🔗 when you clicked this icon, you can see a photo I taken.

  1. GoogleCampus Seoul 🔗
  • Loactions: Ganganm, Seoul
  • Description: You need to sign up membership in a website. And then you can get membership card in desk. you can use a campus cafe and small garden. You can see easily developers in here and me too 🙂
  • Pricing: free for membership.
  • Tips: The campus cafe has full time coffee. It can take coffee(whatever you want) one more up to 18:00(price is about $5). I love it!

2. Rehoboth-G Campus 🔗

  • Location: Sinchon, Seoul
  • Description: Rehoboth G Campus is a unique program designed to train and mentor young entrepreneurs in a collaborative environment. We bring University and High School students to our campus, where they learn entrepreneurial values and foundations. It recently completed construction of our Campus headquarters in Sinchon, Seoul, nearby major Korean universities. This space is the perfect environment to mix collective learning in a hands on environment.
  • Pricing: you need to buy beverage in biz cafe , When you buy a cup of drinking water, available all day. But, when G campus has an event, you are not available.
  • Tips: This place is active and there is print!

3. Hivearena 🔗

  • Location: Nonhyeonn Seoul
  • Description: Hivearena is coworking space in seoul. There is mainly personal worker. I think this place is friendly. This place is not huge, but the community is very well builded.
  • Pricing: $14 /day. It offer coffee and tea.
  • Tips: I’d like to recommend communication with others! I mentioned this place is friendly 🙂

4. Jeju Terarosa 🔗

  • Location: Seogwipo Jeju
  • Description: This is a huge coffee shop . Especially, a celling is really high!(I love it!) There is cool garden around tree. I felt as though seems to be a independent space.
  • Prcing: a cup of coffee
  • Tips: void a high demand season!

I’m big fan of Starbucks

  1. jeju joungmun DT 🔗
  • Location: 95, Cheonjeyeon-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Korea
  • Why do I recommend to digitalnomads?

This is pretty quiet and agreeable as standard weekday. I really loved a natural landscape! There is not around a big building, I can get open view. There is a various tables compared to other starbucks. And second floor is cool, first floor is pretty noisy.

2. Seokchonhosu 🔗

  • Location: 262, Seokchonhosu-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Why do I recommend to digitalnomads?

This starbucks is 3rd floors. One side is made up of windows, the scenery is cool! Even, you can just see cool Seokchonhosu. This place give creative thinking! There is awesome Seokchonhosupark in front of starbucks. When I finished work, I sometimes walk along the side of lake.

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